Capturing Inspiration

Capturing Inspiration is a Photography and Social Media Marketing business that focuses on personal, and professional, client needs, in order to best promote yourself, and your business.

Our photography will help you to grow and promote your personal brand, dazzle your professional clients, and capture beautiful life events; our marketing will help it to be seen by the world.

Photography packages are customized and designed for your individual occasions, and we guarantee high-quality results to best fit your desired product and end goals.


Services Offered


Event Photography

Real Estate Photography

Wedding Photography

Performance Photography

Family Event Photography

Newborn Photography

Presentation Photography

Promotional Photography

Venue Photography

Food Photography

Photo Editing

Social Media Marketing:

Facebook Business Page Design and Development

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Event Maintenance

Social Media Event Promotion

Online Marketing and Networking

Photo Editing and Uploading


Moss Lynch, Proprietor

Proprietor Moss Lynch has been doing event photography and social media marketing for over a decade, starting off by helping non-profit organizations and local businesses throughout South Boston, MA to grow their mission and to help fundraise for local charity events.

After years of experience, Moss felt that it was time to expand and create a professional business by sharing it with all those looking to capture exciting and captivating life adventures. Moss’ passion for photography and networking, combined with years of experience, has led to the creation of, Capturing Inspiration.

We create customized photo packages for various fields of photography for private events and business events. We also promote businesses, fundraising, events, and help to market your company mission through social media platforms.

I create customized pricing packages for all means of event photography and social media networking, and am looking forward to sharing my passion with you. Please click the "Get Started" tab up top, and let us know how we can help!